The Destiny Letter



Didar Masif


"Double U" is the only English letter name that sounds more than one syllable, so that is enough to make "W" more special among all twenty six others of the English alphabet. And as long as this letter resembles a vivid symbol of the western culture, writing about it makes me to think deeper about the hidden power of all other letters by which we do our writings.

Historically "W" letter is invented in the 7th century by Anglo-Saxon writes, and it was originally a double V. So that gives today’s "W" a duplicated victorious soul and maximize its role over all 25 siblings, www is my starting example.

"W" is letter number 23rd on the list of modern English alphabet, and like everything else in life, it can’t survive without a paradoxical partner. In order to find out a proper letter to do this role simply we need to make something logical and then find that missing one, here is my try an easy mathematical formula of (2+3=5). So by taking the result which is number (5) and going back to the list of the letters we end up with the letter "E". "E" that old Latin letter, letter of ancient emperors of the East and which in many ways can be either an opposite foe to ‘W" or a close honest partner if not the defeated one in the eyes of "W".

"E", the upper case one looks like "W" before a rotation of (90 degrees). In the world of words these two letters are so similar just like two wild wings of an imaginary bird that lost in the middle of directions and never set the world in peace. If one decides to fly toward the East the other one changes the direction to the West.

Is the "W" is more powerful wing; is it a winner one!?

Practically in writing the most noticeable thing about the letter of "W" is its solemn appearance in front of the word of man and bravely changing it to a woman. Consequently, after centuries of reform that "W" has been adopted widely by the modern North American society to review hundreds of words in which man was a center point. For instance, words like mankind, manhood, manly were attacked with iron pens and then they were read differently or more womanly in new human eyes. Wondering why the word of manhole is left behind even without touching its rim by smooth hands of "W". So do we need to question the feminist "W" if it is which who behind all these pro women rapid changes!? Or leave this crazy letter to play its role to the End, till the "E" of the East falls down on its knees either by force or love. If this happens their standing I mean the two letters beside each other will let humankind to speak just by "WE".

I don’t know why I see this western letter as woman in a giving birth position, is a woman is a fundamental and last producer of life? Or following the liberalism of "W" and West has become our destiny.

The first victory of the letter of "W" occurred when the Allies under the English Duke of Willington, defeated Napoleon in Waterloo. It is so surprising that the Allies who won this historical battle and French people who lost are those a few nations in the worldsss who use the "W" in their languages. Before the Waterloo the English "W" speakers under a commander called Wolfe defeated the French and Native Indians in a place named after the father of mankind Abraham and located thousands of miles beyond the Atlantic. It seems whoever doesn’t have the "W" of woman on his tongue, never wins a single war.

Moreover, during American 13 colonies a man called Washington had a large "W" in his name; a person who fought his own people in order to liberate them. And he was both savvy and lucky to defeat his opponents the unfortunate English who won the battles of the Waterloo and Abraham.

Beside its role as an imperialistic warrior in both wars the WWI and WWII, and making names of military leaders like Washington and Wolfe and Winston. "W" also appears in the names of two great persons who drew the path for this mysterious letter to manoeuvre on it just as a snobbish "W" of an English woman but not an allied Prussian lady.

William Shakespeare is the one who were so creative in developing the English to become the number one international language. Also there was James Watt just a right person to add a Scottish engine to manoeuvre the spirit of "W" toward the West where the sun never sets.

Today there is no an independent country starts by "W" but a small capital city which starts by "W" and named in honour of American independent leader leads the whole world with a strong fist. Where a president also known by "W" has launched a wide spread war against the followers of Wahab, the Abid.

There have always a war between (Double U)s.

As a Writer I shouldn’t have any problem with "W" and all other letters of all other languages, but while we are wasting our energy to say something by words that never hurt, I choose "W" to begin with. Because I see it in many words that are so controversial to me, words like world, water, wind, woman, womb, war, window, widow, wing and etc. Words I love to the deepness of my soul, or hate to the marrow of my bones.

All at all if you need me to be a blind passionate nationalist, you can ask me if I see "W" in Wali Dewane’s name more prettier that the one in Oscar Wild’s. Or if I admire the strong sound of "W" in Wasta Rajab’s name over the echoing promises of "W" in both Woodrow Wilson and George Ws’ names.

Wow! If you insist more to get my respond, I close my dark eyes and say yes to you!


Oct13, 2005