“Why we never learn, who we are”?             


By: Hoshyar W                                                                                                                       

 May 13, 2003

     In the eye of religion, the place where we are is not the place where we should belong, since the place where we belong it is in the wrong hands.

“Koran”…. “Koran” is the “Muslims Holy book. The “Koran” was written many years after death of “Mohammed”. The first copy was called (Mo- ss- he- ff), but it was not considered as an approved copy. When people came to power, they wanted to see their holy book. Later many of verses were added to the (Mo-ss-he-ff), and they decided to make one official copy, and named of “Koran”. So we believe that, the people did, and put the “Koran” together for “Mohammed”, “God” and Arabs.

----The “Koran” teaches similar things, but mixes the economy, lies, with the religious war, terror, killing the poor and ignorance people inside Arabs country, until outside Arabs country with the religious teaching.

   For many of those people who are “Muslims” it is because their respective ancestors one had to say ((La- Elaha- Elal- Lah- Mohammedo’- Rasol- Lal- Lah)), be killed by Arabs sword. Ancestor certainly of Arabs people never understood what the meaning of phrase was? And what is “Mecca”. It certainly might not be a meaningful for “Muslims” people, (inside to outside).

* Like Molana Jalaledin Rumi said:

((It is because of love of you “God”. That I face to “Mecca”. In my praying other wise I hate praying and “Mecca)).

      By the name of the “God” and by their sword they kill thousands of immense people every where in the world. By the name of “God” and “Mohammed” and their standard, they still kill, they cut the neck, and they torture people’s lives. The world of religion is full of blood and killing of every indignant and harum-scarum people, whether we like it or not. Unfortunately, for over 1500 years they read “Koran” but they didn’t understand, and they still don’t understand; how it teaches a similar thing; day by day they are going over it.  They read but they don’t understand, they see but we don’t care, they do the entire thing what “Koran” tells them for heaven. It is because they think anything is in “Koran” is God’s massage.

* Like Confucius in his quotation said:                                                                              (I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.)

    For 1500 years *(ago), since we know about the “the Koran” and the history of the religion and “Arabs”, they kill, human by the name of “God” and “Mohammed” to enter the heaven, they put the life of million kids under the sword, for heaven, it is not because they know what they doing, it is because their messenger, and their Holy book tell them what to do.                                                                                            

*Like Omar Khayyam in his poem said:

* They say in heaven are beautiful lovers                                                                          Sweet taste of win in the air hovers                                                                                Fear not if succumbed to same earthly powers                                                                In the end the same, one discovers*

       Another example of “Bible” Christian Holy book. It is very similar to a soap opera, which seems to me it makes fun of “God”, conspiracy and lies. By the name of the son of “God” they make the world believe what they believe. Believe in the person who never knew from which Arab wilderness he came from and who his real father and mother are? Sigh for the answer.

    Both religions by the name of “God” they took too many harum-scarum people and empathetic to be killed for heaven. “Jesus” *Messiah*, which is means- Messi- it means (eraser),  and –Messiah- it goes back for (Anointed) and it comes back –Messiah- like (Monk).  Sigh, we still don’t know who we are. Why should we believe some people we have never seen? We should believe what we see, and we should read what teaches and puts us to the real road, everything will be finish but we should remember we came from dust and we will go back to dust.

        * Like Omar Khayyam in his poem said:

* In childhood we strove to go to school                                                                          Our turn to teach, joyous a rule                                                                                     The end of the story is sad and cruel                                                                         From dust we came, and gone with winds cool *

      ‘Islam’ and ‘Christian’ is the world of religion with adherents for beyond the land of the Arabs. Not beyond the land of every one. The “Islam” founded one belief in the one true “God” to achieve this result. “Mohammed” had to persuade his followers that he was “Gods” messenger. He also gives proof by “God” favor to success in war. And also “Jesus” for the “Christian” people, he persuade son of “God”, and proof by his father to success in war against “Islam”, and other……

    = “Mohammed” son of ‘Abdullah’. “Abdullah” which is means the “salve of God”. We can see from this name that “Allah”, and “Abdullah” was a deity known to Arabs people before “Islam”. At that time “Mohammed’s” father didn’t believe anything ‘Abdullah’ died before “Mohammed” birth, when “Mohammed” was six years old his mother was died. After his grandfather take cared of him, after death of his grandfather his uncle takes cared of him. In this part we can learn where the “prophet” of “Muslims” came from? When the people considered “Koran” after death of “Mohammed”, they said “Islam” men can marry four ladies at one time. But, why the “Islam” ladies can not marry to four men at one time? That’s one of the big problem we have inside Arabs society and Islam’s world to against the rights of women. “Mohammed” violated the law of “God” to marry more than 50 and claiming that he married by “God” *Allah* command. Even though the “Koran” declares “Muslims” men can merry only four women at one time, but he gives himself privilege, that it is above the law of “God”. And it is lawful of “God” “Mohammed” can merry a girl at age (nine), why it is not lawful for a lady to marry a boy in ages (nine)?  In fact, in this time, in some part of our world, the ignorance people think the way “Mohammed” thought about everything. Our people think it is the past, to marry a girl in age nine. Another sigh for religion and for those people they still following them.

    “Jesus” son of “God”, the person who grow up in Palestine. Suddenly “Jesus” son of God came from Arabs world. Muslim and Christian came from” Abraham”. Unfortunately Abraham was a Kurdish; both religion came from one person. “From one dad two sons grow up with two many different ideas, to separate people, and make human heat at each other”.  

      In the religion world the enemy came up for the human’s lives, the conflicted between two of the righteous caliphs “Omar” and “Ali” led to the spilt between “Sunni and Shieaite”, One simple example of Iranian people while we know 90% of the Iranian are “Shieaite” but they don’t know for which “God”, and which “prophet”, and what kind of person. The person who raised his snake’s sword and killed thousands of people… or they should bring the head down for a person who can bring the peace for the young to old. I wish does they know why? why we never look at the History and read about them and find out where they came from? Why we never think we are human; unfortunately, we still going back for 1500 years (ago) to see what the poor men like ( Ali, Omar, Jesus, Mohammed) done, and what is their massage for us, or what did they have done for us. We always like somebody do everything, what we can’t do, “that’s what we think God wants from us”. A God who’s born and came from our tong.

    Religion is the cancer for human’s life. Every thing has been change, suddenly we still going back for the time of “Jesus and Mohammed”. Why we still don’t know where we came from? Every one of Muslim people and Christian people think to change the world to the religion they believe, but they “both” don’t think to change themselves from being ignorance, and stop killing and torture others.

    *Like Leo Tolstoy said”

   (Everyone think of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself).