In The Name Of Great Kurdistan


H. S. Soran .

   Tehran -  Oct .10  ,  2005 .



Nowadays  ,  in politically    orientated   lexicons   of  micro  global  village ,  some  words , terms  and expressions  ,  are utilized in more than one  distinct  and  clear  way  ,  i.e.  they  have  multifunctional   applications   and  are applied and interpreted  in  various  manners , by  different   people  and  groups  ,  on the basis of their own  special tastes ,    interests , approaches  and  perspectives .  But  in fact ,  as  a  mathematic  rule  ;   always  ,  at  all  circumstances  and  occasions   ,    2 x 2 = 4   .  So,  such  bias  orientated  interpretations and  applications  do not change the  real  and  actual  character  of those  words  and   respective bodies ,  to  whom  they are applied . 

One of  those  frequently  misapplied   terms ,  is  the word  “ terrorist “ , which from a linguistic point of view , it  means  a  “ frightener “  or a  person/group   who terrifies  others .

As I stipulated before , this ugly and notorious  word ,  has been  applied  to  many  persons  and groups etc , on the choice basis of its users , writers  and  expressers   , rather  than  on  a  rational   principle .  

For example , the   word  “terrorist” ,   has been applied to Abdullah Ujalan         ( APO ) , the eminent   leader of  Turkey’s  occupied  Kurdistan   ,  for  which  he  has  been  accused  and  placed  in a  nasty prison  now ,  by  Turkish  government  , for several years . 

We shall  confess , that as a matter of undeniable  fact ,  from Turkey’s  fascism  point of view ,  Leader APO is a real  terrorist , because   by  his  comprehensive  heterogeneous peaceful emancipation activities and  operations , he was  terrifying and  frightening   Turkey’s  tyrant  and  dictatorial regime ,   in     trying to liberate  his  Kurdish  compatriots  in Turkey ,  who are around  20 million people  and  as big as  four times of Lebanon , from  the oppressive yoke of Turkey . 

But from Human  Right’s   point  of view  and  by all  respective  international    norms  ,  a person who is struggling  honestly  against  a  tyrant  body   and tries to secure freedom and liberty  for his nation   ,  is  not  labeled     as  terrorist  ;  rather  such a person is considered  by  all  regulations  and  common senses , as  a  glorious  liberator , who  is dedicating  his   magnificent   life to serve  freedom  and  equality  for his  oppressed  compatriots , while  respecting the equal  rights  of  Turkey’ s  Turks  as well .   

If  Apo is a terrorist ,  world  great  leaders  and  heroes   such as                 Jeanne  D,Arch ,   Mahatma   Gandhi   ,   Mala   Musafa  Barzani  , Mandela    etc  , all  were terrorists  , too  ;  because there is  no basic discrepancies  between the  behavior  , nature  and  ultimate  aim    of  Apo , with  them .

General Hypothesis :

A person  or  group , who  terrifies  and  subdues a  terrorist  regime  , is  a  brave  hero  and  glorious  emancipator  - not  a  terrorist .