Hiroshima Nagasaki, Halabja Anfal
Same Genocide, Different Attitude



By:  Kaziwa Salih



            On the memorial day of Hiroshima and Nagasaki we are reminded of the wounding that humanity suffered sixty years ago.  That wound shocked the world and introduced a new kind of dissolution and decease which was mass demise, destruction, and killing incomprehensible by mankind until now.  From that time against the genocide came the human concern and the model of power at all the repressive sovereignties and authorities, especially in developing countries.


            After Nazi Hitler, there is one president who repeats the same genocide, shame and repressiveness as the Iraqi regime of Saddam Hussein.  In the city of Halabja on March 16th, 1988 Hussein used chemical weapons against this peaceful city.  More than five-thousand civilians were killed, and 20-thousand injured and left handicapped in a mere one day before the eyes of the world just because they were Kurds.  On February 23rd of the same year, the regime began infamous the Anfal military campaigned transferred a hundred-and-eighty-two thousand civilians of Kurdish people from villages towards south Iraq in only weeks.  Afterwards we knew they were buried alive in great trenches.  In addition, he has vandalized forty-five hundred towns and villages.  The result was not just the genocide of civilians, but also the ruffian genocide of nature, animals, birds, and culture.


            During the past two decades the range and power of chemical and biological weapons have expanded inexorably.  In response to these threats, the constitution of 100th Organization has been created against atom and human rights abuse, but they could not put an end to the humanity dissolution.  They are also delinquent of the fact that Kurdish genocide is a part of world issues, and that we are a part of world people who should have the same right to our land, and self-determination.  Particularly, the Kurdish problem is not just in the part of Kurdistan which is under Iraq authorities.  Kurdistan has been divided by the trader of weapons between Turkey, Syria, Iraq, and Iran.  Until now the genocide and Kurdish have endured everlasting pain.  Even at this moment in time, Iran puts pressure on Kurdish cities, and in East Kurdistan Iran arrests dozens of Kurdish people, the same situation is occurring in Turkey and Syria.


            We look forward to working together to end all discrimination and to have this occasion to be one voice against the people who created this mass turmoil.  In this memorial, we want to be a part of the world human movement against genocide, as well as chemical and biological weapons.  We ask for your solidarity and cooperation to end the violence all over Kurdistan, and to help us return to a state of self-determination.  Lets attempt together to gain peace and human happiness, and rights for the people.  Who will accept this challenge?!