The Man Who Occupies Me by a Kiss

Poem by: Lazo

Translated by: Mardin Ibrahim

He comes in an evening

He is come

Black trousers

Black raincoat

Black shirt

And two dark eyes

He looks sad from afar

There are tears in his eyes

His hair is untidy

And he walks like a drunken man


Before the first kiss

The first hug

And the first holding of hands

He is sitting in front of me

He says: Lady, I have a question

Do you marry me or poetry?

Do you marry me or the rain?

Do you marry me or a moonbeam?

He is talking


He comes in an evening

With the first snow falling

With the blowing of the first anger

With the falling of the first hopelessness


He says: Lady, sell me the wetness of your lips

Give me the light of your eyes

Grant me one of your eyelashes as a talisman


He comes in an evening

Takes off his dagger

Shows me his wounds

His chest is full of anger

His cigarette clenched in his teeth

His glasses wet with tears


He says: Poet Woman,

Give me just one night

Show me, once, your nakedness

Make me a present of your purple bra

He says: Girl, your kisses taste of pears

Your laughter leads me far away

But your crying is a different story


Black trousers

Black raincoat

Black shirt

And two red eyes go far away

Get a pail; melt away in the stream of rain


He comes in a night

He is come

A smile on his lips

A cry in his throat

Like a vapour rising

Entering my room

He opens my wardrobe

He says: I am looking for the purplest bra in the world

I am holding on to my hands, hiding my kisses

I am quietly taking off my blouse and throwing it at his face

I say: Most Loving Man, they are here

He is smiling. He says: I have known you were hiding them from me

Give me back my hands, my bites, the first, the second and the final wetness


Again quietly

I am falling on my bed

With the sound of a girl full of loneliness

I say: Come, come yourself

Take them all

Take all of them from me

Occupy all of them

Do not give them back to me


He is still talking