Wrapped In Plastic!

Lina Mamand


Round and round the metal poles

Hips swaying on the dance floor

Pink hair, sparkle, and gloss

Her…the one they call, whore


Beauty meets beast

“Rub my bottle, please set me free”

Oh no, oh no, lady the devil is he

“And forever your slave I will be”


Lovers’ triangle

Drugs, guns, and sex

It’s when the blood cycle stopped

That she started to vex


The moon shine full

Monsters emerge from the night

The sound of new life silenced by something artificial

She left herself in that plastic, when she disappeared from light


Mother and father no where in sight

Baby left dying, crying, hadn’t even been fed

How could you? How could you? Angels whispered

The bitch! Should just drop dead


Bang bang the sound of hammering

Sniff sniff the smell of death

From where? From where?

Gasp gasp when he found it and held his breath


Land of dead. Next! Take a number

She walks, heart and soul wrapped in plastic as they whisper, thoughts shared

Red gates marked 11:11, she enters….

  You should’ve cared.



April 12,  2005