It’s all coming back to me now

Arkhawan - Ottawa


 When I saw the pictures of Doa stoned to death by a crowd of men, I remembered those days when I was a child; the small puppies were stoned to death by a bunch of kids because every body thought they are Glaw (dirty). Now, their barking is ringing in my ears and their images are in front of my eyes. This time, the victim in not a puppy, it is a 17 years old girl who fell in love with a young boy from different faith. This time the wrong doer is not a bunch of kids. It is the entire town with the support of the authority.

Doa is not the only girl who murdered in Kurdistan, but her killing was the most brutal one.  Who knows!

Every day, women and young girls are murdered and burned to death in Kurdistan because she fell in love, had sex and got pregnant before her marriage, she was seen with a boy, she talked to a male strangers, and so on. All these crimes happen under the authority of Kurdistan Regional government. The killers are free. Nobody goes to jail because he killed his sister, daughter, wife, cousin,.., even his mother to return what they call the honor to his family or tribe. 

When I was a young girl in Kurdistan I heard all kind of stories about killing women:

The young high school girl named Kilthum who got pregnant when his neighbour sexually assaulted her. Her family took her to a graveyard and give a pistol to his baby brother to kill her.

The story of my friend’s wife; she was seen with a taxi driver. Her brother kidnapped and killed her without the knowledge of her husband and young children, .., and so on.

I always wanted to convince everybody and telling them killing those women is not right including my family. My mother was telling me “Please do not say that to strangers. We know that you are crazy, but other people don’t know that. They might think you are bad girl too”.

I never felt safe among my family who had to suffer every single day to provide me a meal and protect me against the enemy. I never felt safe among my nation, which I had to fight beside others to get a freedom for it. I was insulted every single day by male fellow citizens when I was going to work to serve them.

I cursed my nation and left my birthplace searching for my freedom and respect. Recently, I thought Kurdistan is changed and became a modern and democratic place. I was wondering if I could go back to Kurdistan with my children and live among my family and loved ones. When I saw the video clips about Doa’s killing, I changed my mind. I thought it is not right to take my children to a brutal jungle. The fate of my beloved daughter might be the same as Doa’s and the small homeless puppies.

Once again I had to curse my nation and my savage leaders who hide their ignorance by wearing suit and tie. They never did anything to stop the honour killing.